Nate's Bus

It's a 1966 E-Z Camper of America camper conversion that started life as an Ivory White panel van. Some time in the 70s it was painted a very dark and groovy blue metallic (looks black). I bought it in '97 and since then have logged just over 100K miles on her. The trailor is a 1950 Montgomery Wards single-wheel tear-drop utility trailer. It's been completely restored by me and even has a new lighter aluminum body that I fabricated. I've gone through it mechanically by way of a new flier transmission, I rebuilt the redux boxes. Built a custom camping interior which incorporates the features I always liked about various classic interiors all rolled into one. I have had 3 motors installed at various times. It started with the original 1500 SP. Then I built the 1776 featured on my site and ran that for about 8-9 years. Then I upgraded to a mild performance 2.0L type-4 motor running a Mallory Unilite distributor and dual Dellorto carbs. A few months ago I let a friend borrow my type-4 to see if he wanted my to build one of for his car so I re-installed the 1776. Since it was out I'm in the process of converting the type-4 motor from dual Dellorto carbs to Megasquirt EFI w/ ford EDIS crank-fired ignition, so the 1776 is still there. Future upgrades planned are grafting on 1970 bus IRS rear suspension (which will allow me to keep it stock looking) and then transplanting a Porsche 911 5-speed transmission w/ 914 gearing to compliment the type-4 motor. The goal is not to go faster, just to be able to cruise longer and quieter down the hwy. In the time I have owned the bus, my family has been all up and down the west coast including Arizona, Nevada and Idaho camping and going to shows. This bus has helped create some of the fondest memories for me and my family over the years. I plan to be buried in it. . . Well that's the family joke anyway!!