Andrea's Thing

Both my husband Eric and I moved up here to Bellingham from Seattle last March. I am a food scientist / food chemist and I formulate food products for companies. I also like to cook and bake, and work on my Thing. I bought the Thing in Whiterock (BC) from a guy who cried and kissed his car goodbye when he sold it to me about 12 years ago. It came with a straightpipe tailpipe and a hard top when I first got it. I didn't like the look of the hardtop so I was lucky enough to get the rollcage and switched to the rollcage and got a new soft top put on the frame. The color is the correct paint code for that car VW Sunshine Yellow 11E, the thing is mostly easy to take care of because it's pretty bare bones and shares a lot of beetle parts. 73 and 74 were the only years of "Thing" to make it here from Mexico even though they made earlier models in Germany and later models in Mexico. The precursor to the Thing was called the "KubelSitzWagen" which literally translated means tub/bucket seat car.

I'm happy to be able to drive it again as it was stored in my car port in Seattle for 6 years in fear of driving on steep hills. The thing won 2nd place in the VW Thing / Sandrail category at a show in White Rock years ago and a peoples choice award at the Great Canadian VW show about 7 years ago.

List of things to fix (not in any particular order): -Soft top frame
-Brakes (front wheel disc conversion perhaps)
-gas tank gauge / sending unit
-Needs radio & speakers
-re-install carpet
-Remove rust on rockerpanels
-New Paint
-Make it look more 70's - decals or paint.